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Policy 1025 also prohibits discrimination based on gender expression.

The Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization of 2013 (VAWA) requires institutions of higher education to comply with certain campus safety and security-related requirements as a condition of participation in Title IV, Higher Education Act programs.

The act or acts of sexual exploitation are prohibited even though the behavior does not constitute one of the other sexual misconduct offenses.

Physical sexual acts perpetrated against a person's will or where a person is incapable of giving consent due to the victim's use of drugs or alcohol, or is unable to give consent due to an intellectual or other disability.

In addition to the loss of federal funds, universities may be sued by those seeking redress for violations of Title IX.

It is essential that institutions receiving federal financial assistance operate in a nondiscriminatory manner.

Silence does not necessarily constitute consent and coercion, force, or threat of either party invalidates consent.

A pattern of abusive behavior that is used by an intimate partner to gain or maintain power and control over the other intimate partner.

Any concerns about discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender involving a student may be brought to the Virginia Tech Title IX coordinator or the deputy Title IX coordinator: Title IX Coordinator Kelly Oaks Assistant Vice President Office for Equity and Accessibility [email protected] Sexual harassment is prohibited under University Policy 1025: Policy on Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Assault and the Student Code of Conduct. Title IX prohibits sexual harassment, including sexual violence.University Policy 1025: Policy on Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Assault is consistent with federal law in prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.These policies apply to all students, including undergraduate and graduate students and students who attend classes on the Blacksburg campus, a satellite campus, or the virtual campus.Complaints of student sexual misconduct are addressed by The Office of Student Conduct and are governed by the Hokie Handbook.

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