Positives and negatives of online dating

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[tags: internet safety] - Research Critique The ability of the attackers to rapidly gain control of vast number of Internet hosts poses an immense threat to the overall security of the Internet (Staniford, Paxson & Weaver, 2002).Once compromised, these hosts can not only be used for massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDo S) attacks, but also steal or corrupt great quantities of sensitive information by confusing and disrupting the network in more subtle ways (Honeynet, 2005).[tags: Information Technology ] - We live in a society that thrives on technology; it is pervasive throughout our daily lives.Everyone seems to have an i Pod, cell phone, or laptop with them at all times.The attackers accomplish this task by sending an intrusion agent commonly known as ‘worm'....[tags: Internet Safety Data Information Technology] - ...

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Professors in universities all across the country later followed this idea and established their own system.[tags: cybercrimes, phishing, scam] - Internet Safety can be defined as the awareness of one's vulnerability on while using the internet an expanding personal security to avoid being targeted by online crime ( Wikipedia and Web Definitions).There is two types of damage that can be inflicted on unaware internet users, the first is personal damage and the second is computer damage.Cryptography changes the content of file in such a way that it cannot be readable while steganography hides the message in such a way that the observer does not realize that the message is exchange through the medium.When both the two technologies are used together then it is very much easy to perform secret communication [3]....

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