Dating etiquette in germany

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They need no reflection, are taken for granted and are accepted by all members of the culture as 'right'.

Cultural standards describe characteristics on an abstract and generalised level.

They relate to the elements which are common to a particular nation.

An individual German can, of course, significantly diverge from these standards.

They therefore develop binding rules and structures in order to foster certainty in dealings with each other.

The approaches described above have a strong impact on the relationship with regard to time.

You’ll have to foot the bill for your flight and moving any belongings (this assumes he moved belongings when he moved).

You can contact the FRG in Germany, the transportation office at the nearest post and/or the housing office in Germany for specific information. My husband has been stationed in Baumholder, Germany for over 1 year and we started the paperwork for me to get over here since February.

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They clearly vary their behaviour with other people depending on the sphere of their life (private or business) in which they have contact with an individual as well as the closeness of the relationship (business partner or friend).

In return, they do not easily recognise and respond to verbal subtleties such as indirect hints, messages 'between the lines' and many non-verbal signals.

They can therefore often miss the decisive content of an interaction.

Culturally-specific behaviour can be explained on the basis of cultural standards.

This can aid in understanding what would otherwise be irritating, unusual and strange events. If you believe any of the information on this page is incorrect or out-of-date, please let us know.

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