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He refused to co-operate with Soundes for his book.

Until now, it has been thought that he was married only once, to Sara Lownes, in November 1965, in a low-key ceremony on Long Island.

They got married secretly and in no time had four more kids.

Their marriage and children was everything to Bob Dylan as he felt the most satisfaction when he was home being a husband and dad.

Dylan was so enamoured with the pair that he often chose his mother-in-law to sing harmony with him because of her skill in improvising.

They also changed his sombre dress style: Dylan started wearing jangly jewellery and dangly earrings, as well as dressing in leather trousers, singlets, leather gloves with cut-off fingers and multicoloured T-shirts.

Born Shirley Marlin Noznisky to parents Isaac and Bessie, her childhood was somewhat troubled as at a young age, Bessie was diagnosed with brain stroke which left her incapacitated.

By the time Sara was through with high school, her father Isaac was killed and five years after the death of her dad, she lost her mum.

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After a failed first marriage, Sara met Bob through a friend and he was ever so sweet to Maria Lownds.

"While women from his own, white middle-class background, often saw him as an overawing presence, he was just another guy to African-American women and this was refreshing to him."Ted Perlman, a musician friend of Dylan, said of the wedding: "We were all sworn to secrecy never to mention it." Dennis said yesterday: "Bob and I made a choice to keep our marriage a private matter for a simple reason - to give our daughter a normal childhood." She said they took advantage of a California law that allowed them to seal their marriage certificate from public attention.

Dennis said she and Dylan had agreed that their daughter could choose to take her father's last name when she became mature enough to make a decision. Two days after the marriage, Dylan seemed particularly happy on stage with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in Los Angeles.

He has created several intriguing expressions within the American musical tradition.

Bob has been in the music industry now for over fifty years and has succeeded in defying existing pop music conventions.

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