Chating on porn shoot

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I began to wonder how she had married this retard, when she wouldn't even go out on a date with me. A fiendish plan to befriend her husband, and get close to her.

Then see what opportunities presented themselves to me.

Reluctantly I agreed to join him, never enjoying the bar scene, as I didn't drink or smoke.

I meet him at his place after work, where he changed his clothes then he scribbled a note to his wife.

Telling me that his wife was at the Church, helping out with their vacation bible school.

That night he had gotten drunk and stupid, even before the game came on.

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As he pulled himself up, with her help, his arm pulled her robe open, exposing me to a full frontal view of her body, as I stood just to the side on the front porch.Going home that night I laid in bed, thinking of Kelly and how great she had looked.Thinking to myself what a younger me would have given for a view of her like I had gotten tonight.Remembering why I hated bars, I hoped he wouldn't do anything too stupid, knowing I still had four days worth of work to do with this genius.As the game played on, his state went from drunk to shit faced, and as the game ended, our team losing, I began to shuffle him back to my car, happy that this night was about over. He was a friendly, talkative drunk and gave me his whole life story on the thirty minute drive, even telling me about how timid his wife was. We barely knew each other and yet here he was telling me how hot she was, and how she is in great shape, as she went to the gym three times a week.

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