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In describing this scent, pretty much all has been said.Some find it dated, some too overwhelming or heavy, some even too manly, but for me this is warm, strong jet tender, alluring and sensual oriental, the one that can (in designers section) match with any of its competitors for the oriental throne.Overall, compared to some other marvels (Must de Cartier, yes, I'm seriously pointing at you! Obsession was my signature for 10 years straight,1989 to 1999.), Obsession wasn't harmed that much by reformulation-plague. The new one is a little greener but wait for the first 15 minutes to dissipate and the backbone of the old Obsession is still there and lasts as long and big as in sillage.Some of them are watery nothings, but Obsession, that was a hit. It belongs up there with the blockbusters of the 80's and early 90's: Opium, Poison, Giorgio, Rumba. regardless of the reason, this is my new Fall favorite... To my nose this is warm freshly baked cinnamon rolls with, inexplicably, aromas of rose and oud.I layered this with a rose oud body butter and was in heaven! it also reminds me of Alien Essence Absolue, but is strong where Absolue was weak on my skin.When I was about 11 or 12--tall for my age, and able to wear my mother's tan trench coat in what was probably a hilarious display of attempted sophistication--I strolled into my local mall's department store, making a bee line towards the perfume counter.

He cheapens his brand bringing out all these spur-of-the-moment, fly-by-night types of scents, and then they're discontinued 15 minutes later. The current reformulation is like expecting a symphony and getting a jingle. Maybe because the bottle is so nondescript, and because nothing else by Calvin Klein has ever gotten my attention...I have had people stop me in malls and various other stores asking me what perfume I am wearing. Spicy, sweet,warm,inviting, sensual and cosy scent. This could easily be the scent hor holidays and christmas! I haven't owned a bottle in years and recently picked one up. The opening is green and mossy and then the spices and smokiness start to develop. Plus 1 EDP and the Other Two SUPER Vintage "Cologne Spray" bottles with the Built In Sprayer... All The Way To EVE herself In The Garden of EDEN scented in the Fruit, Flowers, Incense and Spices of EDEN!Very surprised that the rating on this fragrance isn't higher than it is. My perfume collection consists of Angel Muse, Alien, Coco Mademoiselle, Black Opium, Shalimar, Lavanila pure vanilla, Emeraude and Obsession. It is not sharp and suffocating old lady oriental, its milder and sweeter. This is a blasphemous reformulation and I'll never ever, ever, get over it. When I first sprayed it, I thought I would not like it- the first sniff was a strong, powdery hit that I thought would turn into the dreaded "Grandma perfume" smell. I got a partial bottle of this from my Mother, and turns out it is the old formulation.

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