Dating trends

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Putting someone on the back burner is known as benching them.The high school sports implications totally makes sense, considering anyone who is so confused in their dating life that they have enough people on their "might call roster" to fill an entire sports team must be a child.If someone is benching you, your "relationship" probably exists mostly via text with little to to no IRL action.Unfortunately, these aren't the cute breadcrumbs that lead you out of the woods.Just because they’re acting like it’s totally normal, doesn’t mean that you have to.But if you do reply with ‘Sure, I’m free Sunday’ rather than ‘Are you f**king kidding me, you disappeared for MONTHS’ then you’re kind of setting yourself up for another stint of metaphorically standing on the docks, looking out over the ocean, waiting for your sailor to come home.

At least their names totally indicate exactly what they mean, you know?Far from writing ‘I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you,’ the submarnier will cheerfully type ‘Fancy seeing It this weekend?I know you like scary films.’ You’re then left between a rock and a hard place.Earlier this year, we told how love-bombing, stashing and submarining are other dating trends putting a strain on relationships.Why is there never an announcement that ‘kittening’ is a new dating trend and it’s where someone you’re seeing brings a kitten over to your house to play with for a bit, and then takes it away before you have to worry about insurance or the cost of food?

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