Dating the jjang from sang

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Young Ho acknowledged that secretary Min had worked hard all this time and the moment for Young Ho to read Joo Eun’s messages had arrived! She kept encouraging and reminding him that he won’t get rid of her that easily!She also urged him to not worry about her since everything’s fine in her life except for the fact that she was missing him.Secretary Min had informed him that his mother was on her way back home after a seminar.Young Ho was so happy, but before finishing the scarf his mother had already passed away.

Secretary Min would be the one to deliver all the messages to their recipients.She took him in her embrace and encouraged him by uttering words from the book, letting him know that everything will be fine.After filling his life with her precious smile, the illusion faded away and Young Ho started losing himself in tears.Young Ho was more than happy that Joon Sung had accomplished his goal even though he was wounded!On the 24 of December, 2015 Young Ho returned to Korea and secretary Min was there waiting for him!

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