Mature sex chat requests in scotland

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You were chatting with your best friend Hungary at the side of the pool, laughing your asses off when Prussia and Scotland pushed Germany and England in the water. Yes you feel sad for all the teasing they received but it was still funny to see their angry expressions. Then the music began, you freeze in fear and turned around to see a Scottish redhead leaning against the door frame, in his red and green trunks, arms crossed on his chest with a smirk on his face. You ur gaun tae pay fur whit ye did at th' pool." he said as he moved closer to you. He only chuckled and went closer to your ear, licking and sucking on it.You were dressed in a [fav color] bikini, very reveling, you can say. " your friend Hungary said as you made a high five with her."Yo dude! You turned around to escape him, but he caught you from behind, now his arms crossed around your waist."H-Hey! You bite your lip to prevent the moans to escape."Nae giein' in yit, loue?Well that happens when you own very valuable information that could put a mob boss into a nasty situation. So this two were brothers."Artie, I thought you know how to treat a Male!You gained this 'valuable' information accidentally and you wish that someone would save you. That happens just in movies, this is real life and real life sure is a bitch when it comes to forgiveness."You should know, never to peak into others conversation, woman." the cruel man said as he was ready to shot your brains out, but someone kicked him in the side, making him fall and drop the gun."Maybe you should learn how to treat a lass." the mysterious man said as he held out your hand to get you up. Belarus X Reader- The cold winter Winter was your favorite seson of the year.

You were wearing formal clothes, just because you loved them. You loved him, but nothing more than a big brother and besides that, you knew he was kind of a player."I'm not in the mood Matthias, go away." You said in a bored and monotone voice, giving him a death glare.

England XReader High School Punker PART 1High School Punker[Name] was the usualy tomboish,nerdy girl in school.

She was ignored by mostly everyone,but when she was noticed she was made fun of,mostly the popular girls did that to her. She loved to skateboard everyday,listening to music or reading a book...

He inserted one finger into your wet core, trusting and pumping it, then adding another finger, trusting them at a fast speed.

You were almost close to climax, just a few trusts with his fingers and so you reached your orgasm.

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