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His life and acts are narrated in the "Lives of the Cambro-British Saints"; they have been edited by Mr.

Rees; and though it is stated that he was an Armorican, and had been a soldier, and married, before he became a monk, it is not said that he was connected with Bangor.

Among the Abbots of Bangor few acquired fame, but many of the students did.

Findchua has his life written in the Book of Lismore ; Luanus founded 100 monasteries and St. From Bangor Columbanus and Gall crossed the sea, the former to found Luxeuil and Bobbio, the latter to evangelize Switzerland.

The Angles and Saxons had then conquered Britain and had treated the Britons with great severity.

A remnant of these latter found refuge in Wales, where they brooded over their wrongs, and being Christians themselves, refused to preach the Gospel to their conquerors. Augustine came to England, in the last years of the sixth century, he visited the Britons in Wales.

It is more probable that the abbey was founded by Dunawd, a Welshmen, whence it was often called Bangor Dunawd. Deiniol was the son of Dunawd, as it is said, this would fix the foundation of the Flintshire abbey at about the beginning sixth century, for Bangor in Carnarvonshire was founded by St. It would also dispose of the assertion that Pelagius, the heretic, was at one time its abbot, for he died long before.

It is certain that Bangor was the greatest monastic establishment in Wales, having at one time 2,000 monks.

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The persuasions of his friends drew him from his retreat ; later on he founded the monastery of Bangor, in 559.Local tradition has it that some ruined walls near the Protestant church mark the site of the ancient abbey ; nothing else is left of the place hallowed by the prayers and penances of St. The date of its foundation and its founder's name are equally uncertain.With great confidence and evident conviction, Montalembert declares that its founder was St. But some allowance must be made for French partiality, for Iltud was an Armoric Gaul.Comgall died, 3,000 monks looked up for light and guidance to the Abbot of Bangor. Easily accessible from the sea, Bangor invited attack, and in 824 these pirates plundered it, killed 900 of its monks, treated with indignity the relics of St. A succession of abbots continued, but they were abbots only in name.The lands passed into the hands of laymen, the buildings crumbled, and when St.

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