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Most people think that being a Stripper is all about being sexy, but it’s really about being a mental ninja. KKD: With any romantic relationship, I always find it better to get in front of the bus when it comes to the fact that I take off my clothes in front of strangers for money, either as a Burlesque Dancer or a Stripper in a Strip Club.

I will tell you a secret: the prettiest girl at a club doesn't make the most money. Because we were roommates from the beginning, he knew I was both a stripper and a burlesque dancer. He appreciates the job in many ways: for the physical prowess of being a pole dancer, the mental ninja element, and the fact that he’s dating a stripper – which makes him awesome to his friends. People are always as judgmental of you as you are apologetic.

For any sales job – really anything in life – the person who's the most confident wins the game. What was your first gig or introduction to the job? NL: I entered an amateur strip club contest at Sin City in the Bronx, and I won. was living in Los Angeles as a freelance artist hurting for money. Stripping is a fun job, but it’s still a job with paperwork requirements. And thus, you'll meet them everywhere because flirting becomes an absolute sport.

Al het fotomateriaal wat op deze site gebruikt wordt is van de dames, heren of strippers zelf (dus geen look a likes).

Wij kunnen u zelfs als enige Escort Dating Bureau in Nederland de GELD TERUG garantie geven.

Het kan zijn dat ze te bang is om herkend te worden, dan plaatsen wij haar profiel uiteraard niet op deze website.

Wij hopen dan ook als team dat u veel plezier en genot aan de dames, heren en strippers zult beleven.

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