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Methane is about 23 times more potent at trapping heat in our environment than carbon dioxide.

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It creates a personal, local supply of useful soil amendment. — Dear Wasted Food Dude, My composting facility takes in food scraps as well as yard trimmings, soiled paper and compostable liner bags. – Perplexed in Pennsylvania Hey Perplexed, What IS up with composters and food rescue groups competing?And there’s something to be said for self-reliance. I recently attended a food waste workshop and was surprised to hear comments that composters compete with food rescue groups for wasted food. The words “composting” and “competition” so rarely even inhabit the same sentence!That concept, like composting itself, is inherently virtuous. Sadly, it does happen, and leads to some real tension. In theory, most organics recyclers would rather not compost edible food because it defies the “reduce, reuse, recycle” axiom summarized by the EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy.If the perfect is the enemy of the good, the bad is a much bigger foe!Finally, it’s worth noting that processing your own excess has several intrinsic benefits.

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