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I find the dance between tech and governance so fascinating because of issues like this, those involving social change due to emerging technologies. We need to find ways to solve those challenges and the solutions aren't perfect.Governance is an always-messy balancing act between all the factors, interests, and challenges of any given situation.Here are just a few possible questions and scenarios that could come up: Involving parents Into this chaos, Texas is introducing a new measure that's designed to reduce sexting activity -- and reduce the serious penalties for kids who receive sext messages.To reduce the number of messages sent, Texas State Senator Kirk Watson wants to tap a heretofore unused policing force: parents.After all, possessing child pornography is a serious crime with serious penalties.Teens who thought they were just playing along with a harmless social trend may find their potential destroyed when they are branded as sex offenders before they even reach the legal age of consent.

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Now, I don’t want to draw any radical comparisons, but think of me as a sort of modern day pictorial Samuel Johnson -- compiler of the first Dictionary of the English Language in 1755.Stories of innocent people being caught in the sexting crossfire bring up many other frightening possibilities.Obviously, if an adult coerces an innocent kid into sending inappropriate and illegal pictures, severe penalties are more than justified. For example, what about the case of an assistant principal who followed the orders of his boss, lost his job, and faced criminal prosecution?This makes me worry about the repercussions of the parental punishment on the kids.I worry that less-than-stellar parents will completely lose it and beat the tar out of their teens who have been caught sexting.

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