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Personality tests: I’ve taken them all—well, all those at the three biggest dating sites.And unlike competitors and, which rely on variations of the Myers-Briggs personality test, In addition to the Big 5, e Harmony also claims to match based on 29 other compatibility dimensions, including similarity of values, beliefs, and attitudes key to wedded bliss.Finally, your brother and his children already have a good woman in their lives —You.I applaud the care and attention you’re showing not only for their present, but also their future. D., is the author of Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do, coming in January, 2015.e Harmony is all about serious daters, people there are pretty much focused in on finding a good partner for a real relationship.

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Therefore, it’s a target-rich environment for serious, commitment-minded men. At e Harmony, not only are the odds good—the Goods are usually good, too.Dear Duana, My brother Fred’s alcoholic ex-wife abandoned him and his sons three years ago.Now, he’d like to find The One, but obviously he won’t look in bars, and he lacks time to sort through endless profiles. Betsy Dear Betsy, When Minnesotans Dave and Elizabeth Weinlick wed, their marriage was normal, except for one teeny thing: Dave had his *friends* choose the bride —reasoning that they would be better judges of his wants and needs than he himself—and he and Elizabeth spoke for all of five minutes pre-Vows.Zoosk is the best mostly-free dating site on the Web (you can create a profile and actively search and contact other members, but you need to subscribe to respond to new flirts to your own profile), while e Harmony is a premium subscription site which is tailor-made towards people looking for a serious relationship, or even marriage.Zoosk is a bit younger, think Facebook crowd, but there's an explicit intention of everyone there to date and meet people for dating.

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