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I am involved with The Writers Guild Foundation, The Make a Wish Foundation, Reading to Kids and The Junior League of Los Angeles.Having somewhat of a “title” and a huge network of people I think increases public awareness to these charities. One your projects, Jetsetera, features a number of very unique travel products as well as travel related content.Everyone is invited, and there are shuttle buses run between Alamogordo and the base.I’m confused because I didn’t think making it public so soon.She is a contributing writer for Viva Guide Books and Guide Gecko, and a former hotel reviewer for City

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A Look at Gorgeous TV Host, Actress & Sports Reporter Ramona Bruland.(Colder) Bring your passport and a little over an hour away you can visit the border town of Juarez Mexico, a world of difference a short drive away.The Inn of the Mountain Gods is just 45 minutes away if you like gambling.Sporting a vivacious and charming personality, Kimberly is often featured in international TV and media.Her travel articles have been published in Disarray Magazine, Ocean View Magazine, Play Magazine, Re Living Magazine, Tango Diva.com, and 52Perfect

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