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By standing straight and imagining himself pointing a gun at the door, Botha believed that the bullet holes were slanted down, which would indicate that Pistorius had been wearing his prosthetic legs, not, as he would later claim, that he was on his stumps.But why would he enter the very area where he believed the burglar was lurking and begin firing, instead of grabbing his girlfriend and running for cover? It’s impossible,” Botha remembered thinking after hearing Oscar’s burglary story.Estranged from his father, he and his brother were like “rudderless boats,” he wrote in his 2008 memoir.

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From the location of the bullet casings in the bathroom, the detective believed that Pistorius had fired at the door from less than five feet away.

A woman is killed by her husband, her boyfriend, or her same-sex partner. ,” Botha asked him, referring to the time four years earlier when he had arrested Pistorius on the assault charge. Why would a burglar lock himself in a bathroom cubicle?

It happens every eight hours in South Africa, where “intimate femicide” is the country’s leading cause of violent deaths of women.“There is no way anything else could have happened,” said Botha. I was convinced that it was murder, and I told my colonel, ‘You already read him his rights, so you have to arrest him.’ ”Botha went into the garage, where Pistorius, in a bloody shirt and shorts, wearing his prosthetic legs, was sitting on a gym bench, surrounded by training equipment. Why would the victim be shot through her shorts if she was using the toilet in the middle of the night?

Then he carried Steenkamp down the staircase from the bathroom, “her head and arms dangling,” according to a later newspaper report, and laid her on the floor.

He reportedly gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and someone attempted to tie a tourniquet around her arm to stop the bleeding from one of the gunshot wounds.

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