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As adults a lot of us have lost that sense of curiosity, that hungry mind or that desire to learn and grow -- I feel curiosity is what makes life worth living.As I have been diving deep into [the subject of] curiosity, I have learned about the incredible benefits to it -- the positive impact it has on our social relationships, our performance in work and school, to our health and creativity.I want to empower people to develop their curiosity.If people were more curious about each other and asked questions and really listened, we would have so much more understanding of one another, [more] tolerance, and respect.Please click here to download the Women20 Germany 2017 Implementation Plan.Please click here to download the Women20 Germany 2017 Project Handbook.

[The thought process is] \u2018I've got deadlines here, I'll save curiosity for when I have free time\u2019.Diversity and full participation are essential for fostering resilient, sustainable and viable economies and societies, whereas homogeneous systems bear risks and uncertainties.Women’s economic empowerment is thus fundamental for a prosperous world and essential for economic growth, stable economies and social development.Curiosity helps us lead a meaningful and purposeful life.One of the things I'm hoping to do with the curiosity module we are designing for Fathom is to turn people on to the fact that curiosity isn't a fixed trait.

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