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Charity and a caravan in Rhyl; Eminem and hoodies In the dressing room: DW: Noel, you didn't feature on the Band Aid 20 record, did you? You kind of get forced into those things, don't you?

Are you always looking out for new influences, or can you listen to another type of music and just leave it where it is? But there's something there for a box set or something.

I haven't done cocaine - any hard drugs - since 1998. NG: It was half-time in a game in the World Cup in '98.

NG: You have to go to the shop and physically hand over the cash and then get on the bus and you read the sleevenotes and the lyrics before you get home. It's a sign of the times, but it's not the way I feel ...

DW: Is your life so much better than it was 10 years ago?

But there were lots of people in there that we have a problem with.

I'm eating my French onion soup and out of the fuckin' blue, he's shouting: 'Noel!

There's about 20 of us there, including people from the record company.

DW: When was the last time a new British band made a great album? And The Last Broadcast by the Doves is beyond 11 out of 10. But I only buy something new if a friend's recommended it. NG: Some bloke was trying to force me to fucking get the Robert Plant album today. It's probably one of the best records I have ever heard.

Literature; liberal guilt In the car: David Walliams: The first time I ever saw you, you were getting into a taxi in Camden. I sort of bowed down and you waved out the window like the Queen, and from that moment I've always loved you.

DW: Now, recently I was at the Bafta awards and I saw Johnny Marr and I got his autograph.

One of them is married to Jamie Lee Curtis.' 'I'm not fuckin' 'avin that,' he says, and walks off right up the middle of Carnegie Hall. He'd seen the film and loved it and thought they were a real band. A bowl of All Bran with raisins in it, that I put in myself. I woke up in the afternoon from the night before and instead of having anything to eat, I had a can of Red Stripe and a line of charlie. At the NME awards Matt and I were asked: 'Pete Doherty: hero or zero'?

My house in the sticks had became like a fucking Rolling Stone's house - just full of people for days on end.

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