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Your Direct Reports are the ones who report to you (you are manager). Role: The relationship between you and your manager is vital because they often play an important role in determining your rating, salary and workplan.

They are also a large factor in your workplace satisfaction (as they say, you don’t leave a company, you leave your manager).

I also had a LOT of you climbing onto your roofs just to sing my accolades. My late sister Carissa (she had Down’s Syndrome) telling jokes.

She carried her little joke books around and loved to make people laugh.

Second, there are two types of work relationships: professional and personal.

Professional relationships are solely for the purpose of getting your work done.

And she told us three or four other priceless jokes over the course of the evening.

#2 Team-Member Type: Professional Description: Team-members are fellow employees who work on the same team as you.

First and foremost, not all work relationships are created equal–some will help propel your careers, others will help keep you sane, and a few can even be detrimental.

The more you can build strong, meaningful relationships, the more likely you are to not only succeed, but be more satisfied with your career.

People say, “tell me a joke,” and my mind always goes blank. Right after I die, I want to pop my eyes open all the sudden and just as I fade away into eternity say, “bury me with that music I wrote when I was younger.” They’ll say, “why?!

But when I’m an old fart I know the wit won’t be as witty as it used to be, and I decided I need to start building an armoire of short jokes now that I can tell my kids and grandkids and great grandkids.

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