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While you make free calls to US, you need a valid internet connection on your phone.

Most of the Hotels are providing free Wi-Fi for guests and you can utilize this free Wi-Fi to make calls.

You can also select the US number from your contact list and the app will show you the cost of the call, zero dollars for US Calls, next to the number.

This workaround will allow you to make US calls for unlimited time and work with both Land phone and Mobile phone number.

Once you have a valid US Mobile number, the next step is to install the Vo IP app.A Jefferson Parish grand jury handed up the indictment against Irwin Gomez-Colon, 32, on July 27, according to court records.Gomez, is accused in the death of Nancy Yahaira Gonzalez Rodriguez, 33.He lived near Gonzalez, who was from the Dominican Republic and stayed in an apartment in the 2100 block of Empire Place in Terrytown with her young son, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.Gomez was acquainted with Gonzalez, but did not know her very well, authorities said.

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