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First, he needs to decide if a DNA test is in the best interests of the child.It is not always necessary for the mother to be included in the test, but it is recommended that she is.For many years, my sister’s daughter, who is now 22, has been the root of most of our family’s troubles.She has verbally and physically hurt every member and just over a year ago, she tried to take her own life.

It would help if your parents included their granddaughter in the family holiday.

If none of you feel as though you can include your niece in this holiday or future family get-togethers, then perhaps your parents could contribute financially towards the professional help that she needs.

There are several charities that could help you find support and a therapist.

He has only seen her a few times and the rest of the family have not seen her at all.

I’ve written a polite letter saying that we want to be part of this little girl’s life and we will be patient, but she has not replied.

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