Javascript validating imput from prompts

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Take the browser example above: until someone says “That’s the button for the internet,” you probably won’t realize that it’s closed, or that if you spell something wrong, the computer won’t be able to run your code, you can’t forget these things.

Through your experience in programming you’ve picked up the fundamentals, but a beginner is missing these important ingredients.

Until you get a feel for how code behaves, you’re going to have trouble writing it – and even more trouble fixing it when you make a mistake.

When it’s “Missing semicolon,” that’s easy enough to understand and fix.

But when it says, “Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression,” that’s not much help to a newbie.

If you can remember which lesson explains it, you’ll find it eventually – after some digging around.

It’s certainly not the ideal way to double-check what you’re doing, though.

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