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They frequented all the hottest night clubs and restaurants. drug of choice, Orgad made a trip to Amsterdam where he established a wholesale source through a network run by Oded Tuito.

Places like Cafe Maurice, The Gate, The Century Club and their personal favorite Bar One, a members only nightclub on the Sunset Strip. His preferred group of associates included a curious mix of young suburban men of Middle Eastern extract. The Tuito group was a tight knit network composed of Israeli mobsters and former military officers giving some credence to Orgad's claims of contacts with Mossad.

Tying Evans to Tuito, the trail went out of the country and back where authorities closed down the Brooklyn based operation headed by Ian Zarger a Tuito lieutenant.

Zarger's Brooklyn Terror Squad was notorious for its beating of New York club patrons.

A break came when a key Evan's courier was apprehended and charged with drug smuggling.

Kevin Mc Loughlin provided the details which filled in the holes in the investigation into Evans operation. One case led to the seizure of Woodland Hills resident Gilad Gadasi who was charged with conspiracy to distribute more than 118,000 Estasy tablets.

(more…) El pasado martes, día 6 de Noviembre y, dentro de la Semana de Montaña de Mieres, José Andrés Blanco Sánchez, deportista paralímpico asturiano, ofreció una conferencia con proyección de película, sobre su intento de ascensión a la montaña más alta del planeta, el Everest.

The source of the contact between the two groups has never been revealed by may have come from Orgad's underworld contacts in Israel which included a brother Zohar the owner of an Israel criminal dossier.

Together the two would supply as much as 90% of the X sold in the U. Obviously the profits were enormous and Orgad "he became a naturalized citizen under the name Tony Evans," began to indulge in life's finer accoutriments.

Evans stocked his closets with Armani suits many of which he would never wear.

Business and life was good, but all good times must end. A., investigators learned Evans had once been an enforcer for producer Ivan Nagy also the paramour of Heidi Fleiss.

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