Xoom gallery not updating Adults video chat camzap

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I couldn’t test video playback due to some problems in format availability, but it’s safe to say your battery life will shrink with more processor-intensive tasks.

But using web, music, email, and a little light gaming, the device lasted quite a while.

I was amazed by the Xoom’s dual-core Tegra 2 processor.

It is lightning fast and most activities took seconds.

The optional media dock adds a bit more volume and quality to the audio, if you’re inclined to use this as your out-loud media device. The camera is on par with any other 5-megapixel concoction and the flash adds a sufficient amount of coloration to dark scenes. You can’t really expect too much from tiny cameras like this, and unlike an i Phone 4 it’s not designed to be a point-and-shoot replacement.

Google Video Chat worked quite well, although the “shake reduction” feature was more a gimmick that ensured that the central image was in focus and still while the background was severely truncated.

It is a bit wider and very slightly thinner, although it was oftentimes mistaken by others for Cupertino’s juggernaut.

There are two LEDs, one that signals emails and the like on the right side and a small red light that switches on when using the front camera. The back panel looks like it could be removed but it holds the screen in place, thus preventing further exploration without voiding the warranty. It doesn’t feel as “hollow” as the i Pad, perhaps because of the Xoom’s 1.6 lb weight versus the i Pad’s 1.4.

I had quite a few app crashes and many apps designed for 2.x devices crashed.

I was impressed with the speed, design, and quality of the device, and although there are a few caveats, I came away optimistic for the new crop of Honeycomb devices that will follow this one.

Features: At first glance, the Xoom is a featureless slab.

You will definitely notice an entire jungle of finger tracings and taps if you use the Xoom for any period of time.

To be fair, the i Pad has this problem too, at least on the front, but it’s worth noting that the Xoom doesn’t improve on it here.

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