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Gender is increasingly being used to describe how individuals identify as a man or a woman or sexual orientation.

The techniques described here cannot determine sexual orientation or gender identity.

Parents may choose to be informed about the embryo’s sex at this time and to select an embryo of a certain sex.

But if the data are not specific about the impact of work on different groups of people – women, girls, boys, men, older people, or disabled people – it is difficult to know if the specific needs of these people have been met.Because the sex chromosomes are evaluated in the genetic test for chromosome number, the test reveals whether the embryo is a girl (X & X chromosomes) or a boy (X & Y chromosomes).All eggs a woman produces are inherently “female” because women can only contribute X (female) chromosomes to an embryo.This study shows that the humanitarian community has not invested enough in collecting and using sex- and age-disaggregated data to inform programming.We do not know the differing needs of people affected by emergencies, and so we don’t know if we have met them.

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