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When I met her, I found her to be very attractive, she did not send a picture. We talked and she really liked me and told me she wanted to see if I am really submissive. Not in the physical sense, as I felt I could over power her at anytime and not in the mental sense as I felt I could top from the bottom. The more I read, the more I played with myself and was discovering what really excited me and what I needed as a slave.I saw this one picture on the web of a very attractive man and woman couple standing up, both were naked and laying on the ground next to them were two naked and bound slaves looking up at them. I came just looking at that picture and thinking of being part of owned submissive couple and dominated by a dominant couple.I told her about my thing with sex and only wanted to do that when I am owned.

Because I never talked to any body about it or saw anything about it. My thoughts totally centered around women, being around or with a male was gross.We liked each other, and after three days of torment and torture she told me to call for a ride home and that maybe when I am in town she will see me again.I wanted to see her again before I left because I thought she could be the one.And after at least 40 hard canings on my ass, I was eagerly opening my mouth and sucking on her cock, she fucked my mouth so hard I gagged and had tears in my ears, I could not stand it.She then went to my virgin, very tight asshole, and lubed it up, and against my huge screams of protest, fucked my ass like I was her little slut. She grabbed my hair and told me to lick her dildo clean of my shit on it, I said no and she got out the cane again and beat me for 10 minutes before she stopped, I was crying hysterically, I was scared and in tremendous pain, this is the first time I ever cried from physical pain in my life, and I broke many bones and was stitched many times growing up as I was very athletic and played a lot of sports before concentrating on wrestling and boxing.

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