Who is scrappy the rapper dating

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Nonetheless, I find her thrust, the tumble of her flow, infectious.(I particularly love the conversational vulgarity of “I’m like, ‘OK, I’ll let him get what he want,’ he buy me Yves Saint Laurent”; and “bloody shoes,” a euphemism for pricey red-bottomed Christian Louboutin pumps, is far wittier than anything in “My Humps” or “Gucci Gucci.”) But whatever your opinion of Cardi’s M. skills—and she absolutely has her fans—the rise of “Bodak Yellow” has to be regarded as organic, as democracy in action.Which is funny, because between the glossy “Lick” and the scrappy “Bodak,” it’s the latter that sounds more like a mixtape track.Like many such street cuts, “Bodak Yellow” is basically another rapper’s track playfully turned sideways and reimagined.Clubgoers would shout out for “Bodak”—women, reportedly, loved its bravado.In the modern music economy, movements like these are best tracked by streaming.It never caught my attention that was going on.” She claimed that Berry was in a panic after the photos surfaced and asked her to lie to cover up nature of their true relationship. “He wanted me to say that we met at a bar in Hilton Head, not that we met in Atlanta.

“He was in a panic and told me ‘I’m married, that’s my wife on TV This is an f’ed up situation.’ I honestly had no idea Curtis was married. We stayed in the hotel room for three days and two nights.” Pearson said Berry did come clean about being married, but was still trying to convince her that he was worthy of her affections.’ Jon Caramanica, who aptly calls “Bodak” a “genuine New York street-rap record.” This makes it akin to 2016’s own improbable New York–based street-rap No.1 smash, Desiigner’s “Panda.” And like “Panda,” even before it topped the Hot 100, “Bodak” had become the consensus rap jam of the season, the sort of street-and-club hit that sounds ubiquitous in American cities even before the charts make it official.Natasha Pearson, 27, told Radar that she met Berry in late 2016 at a mutual friend’s house and they hit it off instantly.“We had a few drinks and we began our dating right then,” Pearson told Radar.

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