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Again, shiva is a deeply personal time of reflection, coming to terms with loss and grief, and contemplating the inner spiritual dimensions of life.The workplace draws our thoughts and feelings outward, thus if at all possible, should be avoided.Judaism provides a beautiful, structured approach to mourning that involves three stages.When followed carefully, these stages guide mourners through the tragic loss and pain and gradually ease them back into the world.And just as one can take from a flame to light more candles without diminishing the original flame, so too a person can give of him/herself, touching many lives, without ever being diminished.

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Consult your rabbi if pressing financial matters are at hand.Because people do not know, and because talking about death makes people nervous and awkward, the shiva house often turns into a festive gathering filled with nervous chatter, instead of the proper house of mourning.The laws of mourning have the purpose of focusing a person on their own spirituality.Others must take care of any errands or outside commitments for them.To be seen during the day in public would force one to put on a "public face" which is inappropriate during this time.

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