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| Romantically |Amber has never truly been in love, though she has acted like it plenty of times.

She is fantastic at pretending what she is feeling, especially love emotions. She will often trick someone into falling in love with her, or simply use her looks to distract them.

See Specific Status for explanation.\n\n \n Seventeen [17] years ..."\n\n' $('comment_body_usertext').value;new Effect.

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Amber Lee was born to a very sickly prostitute mother, back in London England.Because of the jobs she completes and the actions she commits, she has become known as the Bloody Rider throughout the West.(hide spoiler)]|Description|Amber has dirty blonde hair that reaches to her upper mid back, and usually falls in messy waves, as if it dried wet.The only reason for this though, is because of how adaptable she is. She understands this and is able to go along with most anything that hits her.No matter the situation, no matter the changes, Amber always seems to be able to adapt. To describe her fully in one word, Amber Lee is simply a badass.| Socially |Amber Lee can be quite sassy, however.

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