Doctor dating ex patient

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As Strange was leaving, Palmer asked what was going on so Strange told her about Kaecilius and that he needs to leave through a portal in the closet which Palmer continued to not believe him.When the two entered the closet, Palmer was bewildered by the giant portal that she thought Strange was lying about.Palmer tried to tell him that there were other things that could give meaning to his life.However, Strange did not want to move on but instead focus on finding other ways of healing his hands.

After saving the patient, Palmer told Strange that he didn't have to humiliate West in front of everyone which Strange arrogantly stated that he didn't have to save the patient either.When Strange was training at Kamar-Taj, he sent Palmer e-mails but she never replied.Palmer was still working at the hospital after Stephen Strange left for Kamar-Taj.As Strange tried different operations and numerous rehabilitation techniques to heal his hands faster, Palmer always stayed with him and watched as he went through the many operations.Palmer came to Strange in his apartment and tried to convince him to stop trying to fix his hands a second he had spent all his money.

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