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In most newsgroups, the majority of the articles are responses to some other article.

The set of articles that can be traced to one single non-reply article is called a thread.

Or, and talk.atheism are in the talk.* hierarchy.

When a user subscribes to a newsgroup, the news client software keeps track of which articles that user has read.

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Individual users may read messages from and post messages to a local server operated by a commercial usenet provider, their Internet service provider, university, employer, or their own server.The format and transmission of Usenet articles is similar to that of Internet e-mail messages.The difference between the two is that Usenet articles can be read by any user whose news server carries the group to which the message was posted, as opposed to email messages, which have one or more specific recipients. The blue, green, and red dots on the servers represent the groups they carry.Arrows between servers indicate newsgroup group exchanges (feeds).

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