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As difficult as the writing system is to grasp, the spoken dialect is perhaps even more complex.

Compared to Cantonese, spoken Mandarin Chinese is a breeze to learn.

To make things more complicated, in Arabic the verb generally comes before the subject and object, and they can be singular, dual, and plural. While most English leaders will study modern standard Arabic, there are also variations that are as different from modern standard Arabic, as French and Spanish are different from English.

Just your average present tense verb will have 13 different forms. Cantonese is a Chinese dialect spoken in the Canton region of China (including Hong Kong).

As with many of the languages on this list, the Basque language is agglutinative.This means that words are formed, then altered with prefixes and suffixes.For example, the word “lege” means law in Basque, but the sentence “according to the law” wouldn’t be 4 distinct words, but instead would be “legearen arabera.” Basque also uses case endings in order to indicate relationships between words.For example, “talotta” means “without a house” in Finnish, while “talolta” means “from a house.” Fortunately, Finnish is a phonetic language and written in the Roman Alphabet, so despite the lack of common vocabulary and alien grammar, at least you’ll be able to sound out the words.Hungarian is in the same Finno-Ugric language family as Finnish.

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