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In fact, though Di Caprio seems to scorn high fashion in his personal life, he might actually find a lot more in the latest Ervell collection that he'd enjoy.There's baggy short (though, sans cargo pockets and made out of polyurethane leather and other athleisure-like materials), roomy, breathable t-shirts, the types of windbreakers and athletic jackets Di Caprio favors when it's a bit breezier out, and, yes, even utilitarian sneakers.Coincidences like these happen for a reason after all.And, yet, we think Di Caprio will likely stick with his regular bro-core outfits. Related: Leonardo Di Caprio Is Developing Two New Projects, and They're Both True-Crime Dramas The actor’s career began to take of with his role in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ in 1993.At the Hollywood premiere he gave complete '90s layering style with opting for a black suede jacket, black t-shirt, under a black knit sweater, tucked into blue slacks with a tan cut belt.If you know anything about Leonardo Di Caprio's dating history, it's probably that he tends to date blond models. They were most recently seen having lunch together yesterday in NYC.The company's NDA demands 'the existence of the contractor's business and/or personal relationship with Di Caprio' remain confidential Compliant contractors were required to sign off on the agreement which states they may 'acquire information or material of an explicit, graphic, offensive, sexual and/or inappropriate nature.'Also, 'as part of the creative process, conversations, jokes, banter and behavior may contain explicit references to sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, violence and other protected categories,' the documents read.

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True, but no one's more consistent in their relationship pattern than our boy Leo.The 42-year-old actor was joined by model Juliette Perkins, who sat behind him in the back seat. ) PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo Di Caprio Leo and his ex Toni Garrn were spotted holding hands a little over a month ago and then they both stepped out at the same event in New York City just days later.For all of his talents, one thing Leonardo Di Caprio is not known for is his personal style. Not that there's anything wrong with that, per se, it's just that Di Caprio is not one you'd expect rocking the latest high fashion trends while out and about. Yet, even the less fashionable accidentally wind up on trend every once in a while.The United Talent Agency 'demand(s) that any disputes related to confidential information be managed in arbitration, a private system in which testimony, documents and rulings are not available to the public,' according to the Los Angeles Times.'Di Caprio's agreement does not call for arbitration, instead demanding that any disputes be handled in court, with the court file sealed and with a protective order prohibiting the release of confidential information.'In response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Chief Executive of United Talent, Jeremy Zimmer, reiterated in an email to the newspaper that his agency would not tolerate any form of oppressive and/or sexual behavior.'If you feel uncomfortable, threatened or exposed, if a client feels that way, if a colleague does - you are safe to come forward,' Zimmer said in the email.'UTA respects and protects the boundaries of our colleagues and clients,' he added.Leonardo Di Caprio sits in the front passenger seat of a car while leaving the club with friends on Friday night (October 20) in Los Angeles.

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