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It is tamper-proof and protects your wireless technology better than other software.Google Alerts allows you to monitor pretty much anything online.In other words, you can be sued and any recordings you collect won’t be admissible in court.Interior home security cameras or recording baby monitors fall under the category of "exposed nanny cams." These cameras are mounted in plain site and can easily be seen by people in your household.If you have an audio/video hidden camera, you’ll need to notify your nanny.Failing to do so could result in prosecution and loss of evidence.We recommend doing this in front of a camera and getting a signature, so there’s no doubt about your disclosure.

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However, indoor cameras serve a much broader purpose.While you install nanny cams and indoor cameras to protect your children, they can inflict harm if they’re hacked.Here are a few ways to prevent this from happening When you buy any indoor camera or nanny cam, you should register it with the manufacturer.One couple discovered a breach in their nursery camera when they heard music coming from their child’s bedroom.Another was horrified to find a hacker saying lewd things to their child after taking control of a webcam.

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