Outlook vba updating access table dating victoria bc canada

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Microsoft continue with this statement: ADPs continue to work in earlier versions of Access.You can continue to develop your ADP applications and we will continue to support earlier versions of Access under the standard support lifecycle.Transact-SQL got the Access IIF and CHOOSE in SQL Server 2012 and a scalar-valued function can almost do the same as a function in Access called from an Access made query.

The ADP model takes the best from two of the Access models and add the functionality that is not working in Access.I use the term linked table to a SQL Server database table, other term is Attached remote table.I use the term main-sub multiform with a mainform and subform, other terms are Master-Detail, Master-Child or Parent-Child.ADP dont use disconnected recordset where the connection is set to Nothing.When I update a record in a form or a row in a datasheet and leave the record/row the data is saved in the SQL Server database.

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