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Hilton has been unfailingly polite and patient for the dozen hours I've seen her promoting her latest fragrance, Gold Rush.(For about 1,000 Mexican pesos, or around 50 bucks, it smells like the "warmth and radiance of gold and the rush of two hearts colliding," according to marketing materials.) That's why she's here, by the way—Mexico represents a big market for Hilton's fragrances, and it's time to launch her 22nd.on a Saturday morning in November, Hilton isn't feeling very fun.

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(She declines.) The vodka shots have barely made their way into our systems when Hilton is abruptly transformed. She bypassed the traditional rules of Hollywood stardom by gaining fame for showing up to the party. Nothing has been handed to me." OK, so strictly speaking, a lot was handed to her, including her famous last name, sundry genetic blessings, enough money not to worry.

There are, after all, sparklers bursting from champagne bottles.

Hilton climbs up on the banquette, stilettos digging into black velvet.

Tonight, though, logistics have been flubbed, starting with a missing microphone, and it has thrown her off.

Earlier, as we crouched on a balcony waiting for her grand entrance, Hilton lit a cigarette and complained in my ear, "This music really sucks." Still, she knows she has a job to do.

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